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The key to a beautiful and sustainable property begins with a well-crafted master plan design. Our team will work with you to ensure that your private residence or commercial property is making the best use of available space and resources.


We can design for any space, no matter if it is one pollinator garden or a full permaculture property. Whether it is through CAD or a hand-drawn design plan, our clients can rest assured that they are receiving the most artistic, professional, and innovative expertise available.

**We can design remotely for any state!**


We are proud to landscape with 100% native plants that provide habitat to important pollinators and other native wildlife to balance local ecology. Our environmentally proven installations are designed to have something blooming in every part of the garden throughout the entire growing season, and even during winter. We specialize in pollinator and butterfly gardens, as well as rain gardens for any areas on your property that gather water. We have on-staff landscape architects that utilize 3D and aerial design software for pre-installation views of a project!

Many of these types of gardens qualify for conservation grants that can cover up to 50% of the project cost. We would love to help you navigate through the application process and to defray the costs of your dream garden. Read more about conservation districts here!


At Greenscape Geeks, we think that you can have a great looking patio, pathway, pool, or pond that is also environmentally friendly. All of our hardscapes are designed and constructed with plants, stones, and fauna that are native to local areas to preserve the aesthetic and, more importantly, the ecological integrity of a natural region. A patio, pond, or pool is an ideal piece for any lawn and helps to raise property values by up to 20% percent. Our staff is ready to help you give your property a bit more structure!


As concerns rise about agricultural pesticides, the trend toward starting community food gardens continues to grow. Our geeks can assess properties to determine the best placement for gardens. Our team will clear the area, amend the soil, plant the crops, and assist throughout the entire growing season. We want to make sure your food is healthy and free of pests! If you have extended concerns about contaminated soil in inner urban areas, we can also construct raised garden beds to suit your needs.


Prairies once spread far across North America, but have dwindled in the past few decades. We geek out over prairie land and want to see it restored to it's former, swaying-in-the-breeze glory! Prairies provide a host of benefits to the local ecosystem: food and shelter for critters as well as soil conservation for sustained agricultural needs.

Our designers are passionate about working with clients to create ecologically sound grasslands for any size property. Using our HydroSeeder, we can seed any area no matter the slope. Let's rebuild low-maintenance havens for wildlife together!


Our construction specialists use rot-resistant cedar to tailor any raised bed and composter to your specifications. Natural wood grain withstands the test of time but is a bit plain. Why not jazz it up with a non-chemical stain like coffee, vinegar, or linseed oil? After construction, Greenscape Geeks can pack it with soil, compost, and crops upon request.

For those clients with an established garden, we also offer handmade composters for helping brew the dark gold that all green-thumbs covet! Greenscape Geeks is always on-call for our clients throughout the growing season. We'll help with crop questions whether we planted it or not.


Standing water in basements or crawl spaces can cause damage from erosion in a foundation. We offer long term solutions through the use of rain gardens, French drains, rain barrels, and other options that will solve drainage woes. Additionally, all of our drainage solutions strive to keep stormwater runoff from entering local water tables and prevent localized flooding. Our rain gardens use the same native plants as other services, which means rebates and conservation grants could apply here as well!


In addition to our main design and installation services, Greenscape Geeks also provides:

  • Spring and Fall clean-ups – we can tidy up loose branches and leaves

  • Mulching – adding protection from weeds and undergrowth makes your trees shine

  • Aeration – strengthen your law n's roots and prevent soil compaction

  • Soil Tests – no two soil layers are the same, so find out what yours can do

  • Soil Amendment – fortifies and improves the structure of your soil

  • Pruning of shrubs and small trees – give your established plants a little tender love and care

  • Removal of shrubs and small trees – we clear areas for new plants and recycle the old ones

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