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Why Hire a Landscape Architect? Plan, then Plant

Updated: Feb 21

It's planting season again, and that means it's time to roll up your sleeves and follow through on those plans for the garden of your dreams--after you make your native plant selection list, of course! Oh, and don't forget about sectioning space for side yard landscaping that can include a small herb garden or natural pond. The long summer days have ample sunshine, but was there more shade toward the front or back of the house? You've thought about a solar panel addition and a pergola, but that hardscape can be put in later...right? Hopefully, your succulents won't overcrowd your vegetable patch, but no matter; it's time to strike while the dirt is soft!

One month later you find that the plant species you installed don't play well with others, the shade from your maple is a bit much, you‘ll have to rip up shrubs to lay electrical line for a solar panel, and your garden pond has an overabundance of algae. Don't feel defeated, Greenscape Geeks is here to help! Let's rewind the clock a bit to the beginning stages of your green-thumb daydreams. Any wise relative or old-school gym coach may tell you about the 5 "P"s of any goal: proper preparation prevents poor performance. The same can be said about pollinator gardening and urban landscaping. A holistic backyard plan with active phases and itemized breakdowns makes things a lot easier to conceptualize in the moment and for the future. Our landscape architects and greenery experts at Greenscape Geeks have the same philosophy as those gym-coaches, minus making you do extra laps around the track.

Joey Fleenor and Michael Painton are the co-owners of Greenscape Geeks, and they share the same sentiment about the payoffs of planning ahead with professional design help:

Joey Fleenor

"In my personal opinion, master plans help clients make the most out their usable property space. Having a written plan allows people to see the bigger picture and implement the changes all at once or in phases. It helps to pair the right types of plants in the right amounts of shade. In the long run, it makes for a more efficient and valuable use of the property."

Michael Painton

"...it also allows homeowners to plan and phase projects knowing exactly what's to happen in the finished product. [For example], not ripping out something down the road because it's in the wrong place, or in the way. We also offer expertise on if something must be phased, [or] which things should come first to grow in, such as shade or specimen trees."

Greenscape Geeks also has feedback from our other Indianapolis landscapers which reinforce the importance of planning for the nitty-gritty details but also taking the time to achieve your vision.

Brittany Harvey

"They are super necessary if you plan to do more than one planting area or if you plan to install any hardscape or structures so that wiring, footers, conduit, and machinery sequencing are all accounted for and don't end up [hurting] you in the future. It is much easier to spend a few bucks up front and plan for the future than to end up further down the line wishing you had."

Tami Coleman

"It allows the homeowners to see their landscape as an integral part of their home and, as such, to be able to make short, medium, and long-range plans for it. Our clients don't necessarily need to implement everything at once - even though we're prepared to help them do that. But having a plan down on paper is the best tool you can have to achieve a beautiful landscape that works for your family.