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Michael C. Painton

Master's in Landscape Architecture, Ball State University

Geek cred: master planner, themed party-thrower, and Anglophile

Michael's love of the outdoors comes from the memories he had in summers past, playing in his grandfather's garden and planting flowers with his mother and grandmother. Michael also completed his thesis research at a historic Virginian plantation followed by an internship with Indiana's Dept. of Natural Resources. A decade of professional experience and high-end residential design specialization qualify Michael to lead the charge on your project!

Joseph Fleenor

Master of Business Administration, Butler University

Geek cred: jam-maker, doxy dad, proud wally

Joey is our numbers guy at Greenscape Geeks. He completed a term of enlistment with the U.S. Army before starting his MBA from Butler University. His huge love of animals keeps his enthusiasm high, and his client interactions focused on creating a sustainable, balanced environment to care for the critters that care for us, large or small. His favorite part about owning Greenscape Geeks is the opportunity to make local communities better!

Tami Coleman

Geek cred: bee-keeper, baker, secret Latvian diplomat

Tami is an avid apiarist, master gardener, and loves walking her dog among the flowers in her neighborhood! Restoring her nearly century old house and love of exploring cultures keep her on the move. Her field of study in landscape architecture helped hone her years of practice in native plant design. She puts her expertise to work as our native prairie consultant and landscape designer.

Luke Kessler

Master's in Landscape Architecture, Ball State University

Geek cred: site development, public facility design, board game enthusiast

Luke’s designs seek to tell a story about the land and those who inhabit it. After an internship with the LEED-certified National Museum of the American Indian, Luke strived to further the use of native plants through ecologically responsible landscape planning. He loves working with Greenscape Geeks because of the company’s values of client relations and preserving environmental ecology, which he believes forms connections to the complex and wonderful world around us.

Cooper Powers

Bachelor's in Biological Science, Mississippi State University

Geek cred: Audio/visual skillset, beard-growing, Dungeon Master-ing

Whether exploring the creeks behind his home in Mississippi or taking in the views at White River State Park, Cooper has always enjoyed the serenity that natural spaces provide. He has been employed by the U.S. Forest Service and Gulf Coast Research Laboratory all in service of learning about the beauty that life science offers. His enthusiasm for showing people the miracles under every rock or microscope led him to become the community outreach manager for Greenscape Geeks.