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Greenscape Geeks, LLC started seven years ago with Lanette Erby-Abbott and Stephanie Schuck Linder who had a dream of making the world a greener place through native plant usage and conservation. The original owners have passed this torch of passion onto Michael Painton and Joey Fleenor for the revitalized Greenscape Geeks of 2018 and beyond! With design and business savvy fueling their goals of creating a greener, more sustainable world, Michael and Joey began their search to build the A+ geek team of the company.


We provide our clients with beautiful, natural landscapes through the usage of native plants and sustainable ecological practices.



Just like the constant growth and change associated with plants, we seek to embrace new technologies and practices for increased client satisfaction. As exciting as innovation is, we don't let fancy labels compromise our values and thoroughly test and research our tools for your and the environment’s benefit.


Responsible stewardship of land doesn't mean switching to an all-granola-and-kale diet. Contemporary planting techniques and soil rotation mean you can have the garden of your dreams, and then some, without taxing your local ecosystem. We are sustainably-minded and believe in smart ways to grow and conserve the natural landscape that gives continuous returns.


Part of a holistic landscaping experience means sharing our excitement and knowledge with our clients and community. It is important to us that you know why Greenscape Geeks do what we do beyond creating an eye-catching landscape, and part of that is making sure we have enough green spaces in the future to do so!


We take pride in providing a one-of-a-kind, sustainable design for clients and endeavor to make sure it is done right the first time. Greenscape Geek's passion for the environment should reflect in the jobs we do and the materials we use; we don't trade environmental safety or aesthetic harmony for invasive plant species or cheaply-made products.


Whatever we may write about the value of honesty, actions will always speak louder than words. Greenscape Geeks is ready and willing to display our design savvy for you to earn your continued business. We want to foster lasting relationships with our clients and we know the best way to do this is by being honestly intentioned with our work and words.